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Some interesting links to DIY necklaces!

For the Knit of It

Bold statement necklaces in bright, vivid colours and sometimes even subtle neutrals have been the big thing lately. But why spend a fortune when you can DIY it? Today’s round-up is of DIY necklace projects to add to your crafting list. (They’re definitely on mine!)

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purple and pink flower beadWhat am I doing teaching you how to make jewlery?? Truth is, this is so cute and easy, I just had to share!






  • 1 large bead, preferably in a flat shape with a hole trhough the top (I used the flower shown above)
  • 1 open jumpring, at least 8mm, either circle or oval (I used a 6x8mm oval), in at least 18 gauge (I used 16g)
  • 2 pairs of small pliers (these don’t have to be fancy, as long as they’re not going to scratch the metal of the jump ring)
  • a chain to put the pendant on (I used a plated chain my daughter had from another pendant)

Flower bead, jumpring, pliers, and chain

It’s really simple to “make” the pendant…all you have to do is put the jumpring into the hole on the bead and close it.


  1. Open your jumpring with two pliers, holding each side of the open end with one pair of pliers, and push the two ends out away from each other (as shown below). DO NOT pull them open straight back or you will ruin the jumpring.open the jumpring
  2. Holding the open jumpring with one pair of pliers (put the others aside), insert one end of the jumpring through the hole in the bead and push it through until the bead doesn’t fall off.
  3. Pick up the second pair of pliers and grab ahold of the second open end (as shown in pic #1). Push the top ends together from the sides (opposite to how you opened them) until they meet up squarely (as shown below – this is without the bead though so you can see).closed jumpring
  4. Thread a chain through the top of the jumpring. (Hint: it your chain has a large clasp, you may want to put the chain inside the jumpring before you close it.)

finished pendant on a chain

That’s it! Now all you have to do it put the chain on and enjoy your pretty new pendant! I will glady take orders for this if you don’t want to do it yourself 🙂

Come back later for the Question of the Day, your chance to enter the weekly draw!

Talk soon!


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