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Neat idea for re-purposing vintage earrings (or really any flat earrings)!


Have you checked out the crafting ideas on the Country Living web site? I want to try them ALL! But I started with an easy one . . . frig magnets made from vintage jewels. I don’t have the brooches they suggest, but I have LOTS of clip-on earrings. Simply remove the backings and glue on a magnet . . . easy peasy and SO pretty!  P.S. You can also click the blue dot on the CL home page to vote for the Reader’s Choice 2012 Blue Ribbon Blogger Award. It was really fun to check out all the finalists! ♥

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Some interesting links to DIY necklaces!

For the Knit of It

Bold statement necklaces in bright, vivid colours and sometimes even subtle neutrals have been the big thing lately. But why spend a fortune when you can DIY it? Today’s round-up is of DIY necklace projects to add to your crafting list. (They’re definitely on mine!)

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A few simple DIYs from GingerKate!

Ginger Kate

Recently, I came across some jewelry making supplies in the clearance bin and couldn’t pass them up! The other night, I started putting together some of the pieces of jewelry and even wore my Guitar Charm/Pick necklace yesterday.

The supplies: clearanced jewelry making items, pilfered guitar picks and a sewing needle.

This charm was only $.25. I simply needed to add a hoop link and string a silver chain through it.

I heated up with sewing needle and made the perfect sized hole in the guitar pick that I chose to work with. I linked the guitar charm to the pick and put it on a silver chain.

This last piece I’m especially proud of. I made a two tier necklace with an antiquey theme.

Here’s the finished product!

Thanks for reading! I still have some supplies left over so I’m sure I’ll put another one together soon enough!

Love, as always, GK

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This is neat, thought I would share!

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I can somewhat relate to this one…though now I really only have time for 1 hobby!

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I know some people who would love these earrings! The shop is in the UK but I’m sure you could get a pair!


These have to be the cutest earrings I’ve ever seen:

And, thanks to google, finding more craft-related jewellery is within a few clicks of the mouse! Check this stuff out (click the pic for more):


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This pic is so cute, I had to share…and it’s a friend’s blog too 🙂

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