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Hello! Sorry for being so quite lately but I have been busy with Mother’s Day orders. And almost every single one has been for my “Pod Bangle Bracelet”! Never have I gotten so many orders for 1 particular item all at once…or even so many orders through Etsy – period!

Here is a peek at some of the bracelets I have made in the past couple of weeks. They’re all with faux pearls to represent birthstone colors but I can also do these with glass beads (people just seem to like pearls!).

Talk soon!

Pod bangle bracelet 1

Pod bangle bracelet 2

Pod bangle 3

Pod bangle 4

Pod bangle 5

Pod bangle 6

Pod bangle 7

Pod bangle 8

Pod bangle 9


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Here’s a round-up of some items I made recently:


Sisters birthstone bracelets – these would also be cute with a “Mom” charm


Purple Ruffle bracelet, with Swarovski crystals (I almost kept this one for myself :-))



Pave stud earrings


initial ring

Wrapped initial ring, I added a bit of interest by encircling the letter with smaller beads



Gold ruffle bracelet, with Swarovski crystals, made for my mil



Blue pearl (Sept.) birthstone ring

Talk soon!


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Here’s another roundup of things I’ve made recently:

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with beads for Feb, Aug, and Sept.

Pearls tree

Pearls tree with beads for April. March, and June.

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with royal blue and silver beads (to match school colors).

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with beads for Sept, Oct, and Jan.

Pod bracelet and pendant

Pod bracelet and pendant set with beads for April, March, and June.

Pearls birthstone ring

Pearls birthstone ring with beads for Dec, April, Feb, and July.


I’ll bet you can guess what my most popular item is 🙂

Talk soon!


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I’ll admit, blue is my second favorite color and I love the deep blue in this set. But this was a request from a customer who was buying for someone special who happens to have a birthday in Sept. So these are to go with the sapphire birthstone.

Blues set

September Teardrop Birthstone Earrings and Pod Pendant with matching focus bead

Blue bracelet

Large Coil Bracelet with September birthstone accents

Talk soon!


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Here are the latest 2 family brithstone tree pendants I made (with faux pearls):

Family Tree pendants

5-branch and 6-branch family tree pendants with faux pearl birthstones

Come back later for the Question of the Day/weekly contest entry! You can still answer yesterday’s question until a new one is posted…

Talk soon!


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Just a quick post to share the latest custom anklet I made. 

Sparkle birthstone anklet

Sparkle birthstone anklet

It’s in the “Sparkle” style, with 6 family birthstones repeated on each side of the heart. Such a good suggestion, thanks Teena B! 🙂 This can also be made as a bracelet and with whatever number of birthstones you need…

Come back later today between 2 and 3 pm eastern for the next Question of the Day, your chance to enter the weekly contest!

Talk to you soon!


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