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As promised, here is the next photo recap of some of the items I have made recently.

Today we’ll cover pendants/necklaces and rings πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

















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I’m long overdue for a post, I know. I’ve had this one in mind for a couple of weeks and finally have time to write it πŸ™‚

We’re in full March Break mode in my neck of the woods right now but hubby and I took our trip last week – to Cancun Mexico! It was fabulous…below is a pic I took of our resort – The Royal Cancun.


But before we went, I had to think about what to take, specifically what jewelry to take. And here they are my “Beach Vacation Accessories”…

A couple of notes:

– Now, you’d think as a jewelry maker, I’d be all blinged out, right? Well, truth is I have a very…let’s say “understated” style when it comes to accessories. I have several simple favorite pieces that I wear every day and only tend to mix it up when I get dressed up πŸ™‚

– Also, I don’t wear yellow gold. No sensitivities to it, I just prefer the look of silver (and white gold, and platinum) on me.

– I didn’t make all the items shown here, I will note when something is made by someone else and credit them, when possible.


First, let’s talk earrings. They’re the one thing I tend to change every day and I try to match to my outfit as much as possible. That’s why it was important for me to pack my clothes first!


I pack a fair amount of pink, can you tell? πŸ™‚ I didn’t end of wearing the heart ones but I do wear them a lot to work. I also love turquoise and the top right earrings are my go-to for that color. I also ended up taking a second pair or teardrop earrings with clear beads (they go with everything). I made all of these, except the top right pair, which are my go-to for casual everyday wear. They were made by the lovely Jewelz by Angie (she’s also a childhood friend of mine).


I have a silver chain and pendant I wear almost every day but found I liked to wear something different almost every evening to dinner while we were away.


The top necklace is the one I wear every day, made by cinnamon*sticks jewelry. I made the pendant in the middle and remade a the bottom pendant from an earring that I found too heavy to wear. The clear “disco” ball pendant was a great option that went with everything.


These are the ring I wear every day…


From right is my wedding and engagement set (custom made by Magee Jewellers), the birthstone eternity ring given to me by hubby for our 10th anniversary (made byΒ Gemvara), a thick silver ring of my sister’s (maker unknown), a simple knot ring (made by me), and an amethyst ring that I found in some old jewelry I had (maker unknown). I, of course, only wore my wedding set most days as it’s platinum so hold up better to chlorine and salt water. I put the rest on in the evenings for dinner.


In every day life, I rarely wear bracelets. I like them but mostly just don’t think to put them on unless I’m going somewhere special. Also, I have a ridiculously small wrist so I find regular bangles too big and they flop around.


I actually didn’t end of taking the pink heart one but that’s made by me and matching my heart earrings! The white one is actually a necklace that I just wrap around my wrist 4 times and it makes a cute, casual bracelet. I got this from a friend but I’m thinking of making a similar one in a bright color so I can wear them together. The silver one I also got from a friend and is a great every day option. I made the pink “ruffle” one and again, it goes with my pink outfits…


When I break out the shorts, skirts and summer dresses, I add another standard piece of jewelry – an anklet.


The clear one is handmade (not by me) and I bought it when we went to Jamaica a few years ago, after I discovered I had forgotten my anklet at home! The beaded one is made by me and again, matches with most of my outfits (note the pink and turquoise).

Toe ring

Another standard for me once the socks come off πŸ˜€


This is not the exact one I took…it was the same style but no bead. And I tend to pick one style of toe ring and wear it all summer. I make these out of sterling filled wire so they stand up really well. Again though, no wearing it swimming.

And that’s it! Everything you need to look fabulous while on a beach vacation πŸ™‚

Talk soon!


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I’ve been slack about updating lately so here’s a round-up of some heart items I’ve been working on, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Dazzling Hearts Earrings


Sweet Heart Bracelet


Double Dazzle Earrings


Sweet Heart Necklace


Pandora-style Heart Pendant (in the middle), shown in an example necklace


Purple Heart Pod

Talk soon!


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Here’s another roundup of things I’ve made recently:

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with beads for Feb, Aug, and Sept.

Pearls tree

Pearls tree with beads for April. March, and June.

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with royal blue and silver beads (to match school colors).

Pearls pod

Pearls pod with beads for Sept, Oct, and Jan.

Pod bracelet and pendant

Pod bracelet and pendant set with beads for April, March, and June.

Pearls birthstone ring

Pearls birthstone ring with beads for Dec, April, Feb, and July.


I’ll bet you can guess what my most popular item is πŸ™‚

Talk soon!


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Haven’t posted in a while so here’s a round-up of some of the items I’ve made lately, including a couple of bookmarks.

Pink crystals set

Pink crystals set

Triple decker pod

*New item* Triple decker pod (custom colors available)

Woven bookmark

*New item* Braided bead bookmark


Blue bookmark

Blue braided bead bookmark

Talk soon!


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I’ll admit, blue is my second favorite color and I love the deep blue in this set. But this was a request from a customer who was buying for someone special who happens to have a birthday in Sept. So these are to go with the sapphire birthstone.

Blues set

September Teardrop Birthstone Earrings and Pod Pendant with matching focus bead

Blue bracelet

Large Coil Bracelet with September birthstone accents

Talk soon!


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Another round-up of things I’ve made for customers recently:

Red birthstone earrings

Teardrop Birthstone Earrings for January

Buttons Bracelet

Buttons Bracelet in neutral tones

Crystals tree

Birthstones Tree Pendant with crystals for April, Sept., Dec. Aug, and January

Glass tree pendant

Birthstones Tree pendant with glass beads for May, Jan., March, and April

Heart ring

Love ring with sterling wire and sterling hearts

White pod

Pod pendant with white pearls

Talk soon!


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